How do I do more with less? scale innovation? increase business agility? get to market faster? decide whether to buy or build? attract tech talent? retain tech talent? experiment? understand my data? find my data? make better business decisions? solve the right problem? solve the problem right? keep up? engineer for the human experience??

Technology changes the pace of business.
We help you keep up.BOB體育在線-官方入口

Big data is only getting bigger. The Cloud allows your competitors to be smaller and more agile. And software just keeps getting more sophisticated. Everyone is trying to improve the customer experience, but that’s not enough. You need to transform how you think and work.

We work at the intersection of all of these challenges, enabling true enterprise speed and agility. We build teams with the right mix of in-demand skills to help you answer the questions you’re asking.

We are experts in the methods, tools and technologies that are changing the way people think and work.

Our solutions combine technology that includes:BOB體育在線-官方入口


Build elastic infrastructure to support your development and deployment ambitions.


Do what you do uniquely well even better — at scale — with custom applications.


Reveal your past, present and future, so you can make data-driven decisions.


Tools that help you unleash the potential of your cross-functional teams.


Prepare your teams for the future of work with learning experiences tailored
to your goals.


Protect critical infrastructure, applications, and data to achieve greater peace of mind.


Ensure that your applications and cloud services are highly available, reliable, and relevant to your evolving business needs.

We help ambitious companies make waves.BOB體育在線-官方入口

Our name, SingleStone, refers to the ripples that form when a stone is dropped into a body of water. Like stones, human interactions have the power to make waves. So for more than 20 years, we’ve elevated the human experience in consulting. We believe doing so produces better results for your employees, your customers and your business. And, like waves on the water’s surface, those results expand and spread.

We’re problem solvers who think big.BOB體育在線-官方入口

Bounded Context PodcastBOB體育在線-官方入口

Interviews with modern software architects to explore how they approach problem solving, methods and tools they use, their influences and lessons learned along the way.

We help you keep up. In fact, we help you get ahead.BOB體育在線-官方入口

See how advanced analytics, cloud computing and application development can answer the questions you’re asking.

Let’s talk

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